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Creating a Dynamic Online Business Workflow

Anonymous 3rd Party Auditing - of Labs and Brands

Accurate Results

Verified Labs, Verified Results. Regulation in a sector with none.

Public Information

Anyone can see our results. We rely on transparency to provide the industry with a source they can trust.

Donation Based Funding

We rely on consumer donations to continue operations

CBD Auditors


Here at CBD Auditor we want to make sure the medicine we use on a daily basis is dosed accurately. Dosage is the most important part of any medication and sadly enough the current industry we are finding A MAJORITY of companies are not within 25% of what they advertise. That’s a HUGE margin of error. On top of that over 20% of products are being found to be completely illegal to possess and sell.

Keep the Industry Clean or It wont Last Long

There’s also the problem with non-compliance. There’s a possibility that not only are the producers failing to create products with the right amount of CBD, they are failing to keep THC compliant. That means store owners who sell the products, and consumers who buy it are unknowingly distributing and using an illegal product that would be classified as normal cannabis. We need to ensure we can regulate the industry ourselves before legal and tax matters make the space only available to few.

Cannabinoid Analysis

Ensuring we dose the amounts we want to.

Mold Testing

Making sure what we ingest and smoke is safe.

Heavy Metal Testing

Making sure what we ingest and smoke is safe.

Pesticide Testing

Making sure what we ingest and smoke is safe.

CBD Auditor

Creating a Global
CBD Standard

Those business who we test will receive a sign of trust. We aim to build a global standard of trust.

Keeping you and your family safe.

Why we do it?

We are burning cash to provide this service for the community. Our hope is to help an industry and receive support from it. If we can stay funded from the community that would be amazing.